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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Senior Concierge Gadgets

I have said in previous posts that it's fun to help your clients shop on-line.  Most of my clients have some form of technology at their home and you can help them through their home computer set-up but if they don't have a way to get on-line then you should bring your own device.

I think tablets are great.  I'm writing to specifically endorse the Samsung Note 3.  There is a 4 available now but I don't own one, yet.  

I LOVE this product.  I'm not being paid to endorse it but I think it's critical to have something like it to perform your job as a Senior Concierge.  

What's so great about it?

It's huge but a light sleek design.  You can carry it around in your bag all day and it does not feel like a brick.

It's a phone too.  Many tablets don't have the phone function so you have to carry a phone and a tablet.  This is an all in one device.

The pictures of products are beautiful.  If I'm shopping on-line for a client, he or she can actually see the pictures of the products to make their decision.

I use it for my business too.

I use it for the typical applications like calendering, e-mail, making phone calls, keeping contact lists, maps (to get to new clients or to find a doctors office).  

I use the calculator to tabulate a bill for my clients.  

Some of my client's pharmacies have apps that I keep on my phone if I need to reorder medication or find out if a medication has been picked up.  

The flashlight application has come in handy.

I also use on-line banking to deposit my checks.  

There is an application in the town where I live to pay for parking on-line.  This is helpful so that you don't always have to keep change around.

On my time off, I listen to Podcasts, watch movies and read books on this device and it's great for that too.

My husband calls it "my baba" like a child's bottle.  It is too addictive and I strongly recommend that you turn it off so that you stop and smell the roses.

The Samsung Note 3 has a watch that performs these same functions but I didn't purchase this so I can't comment on its usefulness.

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