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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Disclaimer and Promise

I have had over 200 clients since I started the Senior Concierge business in 2008.   I  have many Senior Concierge clients and real life experiences to share with you to illustrate information that I want to convey to you.  However, I try to follow HIPAA rules even though I'm not bound by them legally.  I value my clients privacy so I attempt to keep their privacy in these blogs posts. As a Senior Concierge, you should follow the HIPAA rules as well as you can.  

However, what I find interesting about my clients is that I see the same needs and issues coming up across most households.  Most clients have incontinence issues, medication management issues, and memory loss problems.  This happens across the spectrum of clients.

So, if you're reading one of my blogs and you think it's about you and your family this may be the case but I also see these issues in other homes too. I should have a decent blog topic when I find issues that effect my entire client population.  I will not write about a clients specific situation.  I promise.

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