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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Our Client's Health Insurance

I'm a little late in talking about this subject since the Medicare Open Enrollment period has ended.  

I meet with a group of local Senior Concierge professionals locally on a monthly basis.  We get together to talk shop.  A few of us had just been through Medicare Open Enrollment with our clients. We all had different perspectives about how to help our clients in this area.

Medicare recipients have the right to change their health insurance coverage or supplemental insurance policies towards the end of the year to begin in 2015.  Luckily, most seniors stay with their existing plans because they have established themselves with a doctor or group that they feel good about.  Rarely do we get this request.

The women in this group are all very competent and we all felt as if we could look at plans side by side with our clients to help them to understand their options.  Some of us actually have assisted with this process.  

I think that if you understand the terminology and can convey this to your clients then more power to you; but I like to leave it to the professionals.  

I believe that if there are free options for your client and you don't have to charge them for the time to assist them, then I utilize these services.  

For Medicare choices my go to referral is HICAP  The Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (a California based organization) but there are equivalent organizations in your State. 

HICAP provides free and objective information and counseling about Medicare.  Volunteer counselors can help you understand your specific rights and health options.  

I have had several clients appreciate these counselors support and guidance through all of their questions.  However, one very competent client of mine, did not feel his counselor knew any more than he did about his options.  So, this may be hit or miss?  But, I would check it out first before charging your client time for your research.

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