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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Role Confusion in the Senior Industry

I was browsing the internet tonight to consider topics for blogs this week.  I was shocked at how confused our clients and their family member must be about who does what in the senior industry for seniors.  It's totally confusing and inconsistent across the country. The senior industry is continually evolving with new technologies, professions, and specialties but this is getting ridiculous because it's chaos out there.

If you Google "Senior Concierge" you might find someone advertising personal care and ambulation.  If you Google "Geriatric Care Management" you might find an advertisement for home care. If you Google "Home Care" you might find them offering bill paying services.  This is the "Wild West".

I was speaking with a friend today that has a Care Manager.  The Care Manager did not want to help with a roof issue and making sure a qualified repair person would come to take care of this at my friends home.   So, it really depends on the private care manager or the organization they work for if they tackle non-medical related tasks. This can add to the confusion of who does what and it causes confusion in the marketplace.

I was happy to do the research to find the appropriate person to help my friend.  

Everyday, I come across issues or confusion about who should take care important tasks.  There is a real difference in rates these roles charge too.  

I have seen Senior Concierge professionals advertise massage, cooking, and fiduciary services.  These are not senior concierge tasks.  They are separate roles.  It makes me nervous that senior concierge professionals are doing different tasks.  This additionally confuses our clients and their families about the role of the senior concierge.  

If you want to know the difference between a Geriatric Care Manager,  a Senior Concierge professional and a Home Care worker, read my previous blogs.

It's important that when we speak with new clients and their family member that we help them to understand this difference and the inconsistencies of each role (at this time)...I'm hopeful there will be clarity at some point.

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