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Monday, January 12, 2015

Senior Concierge and the Low Income Client

There may be a misconception about the types of clients a Senior Concierge can serve.  The term "Concierge" evokes an image of wealth and privilege.  The reality is that in certain circumstances we can work with a lower-income senior and if you can, do work with these clients.  There is so much to learn about the senior industry from a lower-income perspective. 

Sometimes there is a loved one in a seniors life that has some extra funds to help their low-income family member with their care. Unfortunately this is not always true.  I have several clients where this is the case.  The mother is low-income but a son or daughter or relative pays my bills so that I can work with them.

Geriatric Care Managers have recognized with some of their clients that there is going to be a lot of work and the clients' don't have much money. GCM's will refer these clients to me so that I can work with the family at a much lower cost. I'm not acting as a GCM but there may be some specific straightforward tasks that can be assigned to me.  Not all GCM's will do this but if they feel a family needs help and as a concierge we can take care of some straightforward tasks then it can work very nicely.  

As an example, low-income individuals need help applying or navigating these types of organizations:

  • Social Security, Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability programs  
  • Medicare/Medicade medical referrals to multiple doctors and lab locations
  • In Home Support Services (Low Income Caregiving)
  • Transit Services
  • Low Income Phone or Electric Company services being set-up
  • Additional social services like food programs and senior center activities
It's difficult to be an expert on all of these services but it's important for the Senior Concierge to become familiar with the local services in your area so that you can be an additional resource to clients or low-income people inquiring about your services.

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