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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Get Rid of Your Crap

It's unfair to leave so much of your stuff for your family to deal with when you're gone.  Get rid of it.  

I'm sorry to sound so harsh but it's important to release on your things.  You don't need bank statements, canceled checks from 1972.  You don't need your old calendars since 1945.  No one wants it.  Your family will end up paying me an hourly rate for many, many hours putting it into a shred bag and taking it to the shredding company.  

Do your family a favor and open every drawer and go through every shelf and get rid of it now.  It's hard enough on your family to lose you, deal with their grief and then on top of that they have to go through 15 year olds incontinence pads, Alka Seltzer tablets and 1000 gift boxes that you might need. 

I understand leaving the antiques and the good china set but every Christmas Card you have ever received since the 40's...come on. No one wants this.

Work with a senior concierge before you pass on to clear things out.  It can be fun to do it together and it feels so good when it's complete.

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