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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Geriatric Care Managers and Moving Decisions

If your clients are considering moving to an assisted living facility, make sure they talk with a Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) for advice about this decision. The Senior Concierge should not be the one helping with this decision.  We are not qualified to make assessments of our clients healthcare needs, financial situations and we don't have the skills to recommend an appropriate facility. Leave this decision to the professionals that have studied gerontology and understand the different levels of ability of the clients. 

As a Senior Concierge. you can help to convey your clients desires for themselves and what they like and don't like.  This is helpful for the person that is determining the appropriate placement.  Many of your clients will trust your opinion about housing options but it's really better if you leave it to the GCM's. Make sure that you convey to your clients the importance of confirming their choice of living situations. I always learn so much from the GCM's knowledge about care needs and appropriate placement. 

I would also steer clear of franchised agencies that find a place for your family member to live by sending you a long list of facilities and selling your name to places where you might move.   You really need someone to meet with the senior client to understand their specific needs and to find an appropriate match.  

Contact the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers to find a Care Manager in your area.  

Once the care manager determines placement, the Senior Concierge can get busy helping your client think through the moving plans. There is so much to consider for a move, that's another blog that will be coming soon.

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