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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ambulance Rides-Don't Immediately Pay the Bill Until You Read This

Hopefully you and your family members will not be receiving any ambulance bills in the near future.  If you do, and the bill is high, make sure that your insurance has been billed.  A lot of people that have Medicare think that the ambulance ride is not covered or that the insurance company already took your insurance information.   That's typically not the case.

In the rush to get you to the hospital, the ambulance personnel do not take down your insurance details.  A few weeks later you may get a huge bill.  

Before you pay the bill, turn the bill over and on the back of the letter there is normally a place to list your insurance coverage. 

Take the time to fill this out and provide:

1)Your  Medicare number
2) Your secondary insurance (if you have one)
3)  Your supplemental insurance 

Don't send a payment along with this information when you return the letter.

In a week or two you should receive a new bill with a reduced amount.  You may have just saved yourself a few thousand dollars.

Be safe.

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