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Sunday, December 28, 2014

If Your Clients Move to Assisted Living Will More of Their Needs be Met?

When I started this business seven years ago many of my clients were considering moves into Assisted Living Communities.  I obliged their requests by connecting them with placement agencies. I continued to work with those clients once they moved to facilities and I was astonished to find that all of the same issues my clients were having at home continued when they moved to Assisted Living. This article from the NY Times confirms my analysis of this phenomenon.  

In some cases it's helpful for families to place their loved ones in Assisted Living because it's convenient to their own home and they can be of assistance regularly and continue to have a separate residence.  The key here it the family is still very much involved with their family members care and must continue to provide assistance.  

Assisted living is not the final expensive solution that will solve all of your needs.  Assisted Living facilities can be great at making meals, helping with medications, cleaning, and helping you when you fall by calling 911.  In my experience, that's about it.  For an additional price, you can get more help.  As you begin to have more needs for physical care many people hire outside home care agencies to assist in addition to the cost of Assisted Living.

I have several Senior Concierge clients in Assisted Living and they need me just as much as someone that has chosen to "Age in Place" and stay in their homes.  All of the same needs remain.  bill paying, doctor visits, opening mail, organization of stuff, correspondence, getting supplies into the apartment etc, etc.

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