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Friday, March 30, 2012

An Important Service to know about

I have not been paid to make this recommendation, but I have had a few great experiences utilizing this service for my customers.  

As you know, the Senior Concierge Professional is not a Home Care Professional.  When our clients begin to need home care (assistance with bathing, dressing, and all of the activities of daily living) it's time to find them some help.  They have many options.
  • Friends, Family
  • Home Care Agencies or
  • Private paid home care help.  
I caution my clients about utilizing private paid help.  If they break your antique vase, normally these private paid home care helper does not have the funds to pay you back for their mistake.  Home care agencies must have business liability insurance to cover their employees errors.  

If your client is not interested in a Home Care agency and they still want to pay someone privately, you can find them help on

You  pay a fee by month or you can get a yearly access pass (pass this cost on to your customer of course).  You are able to search for home care folks by zip code to find someone close to your client.  They list their names, locations, available hours, skills, there is a picture, references, and the ability to conduct a background check.  This feels safer to me than going on craigslist to find help. 

Conduct initial interviews, and determine if you want to let your client meet this person.  It's important to be present for these interviews so that your client is safe meeting this person for the first time.  Include family members too when making this decision.  Also, remind your client that they are making this decision at their own risk and that you're not liable for their final decision.  

I also suggest following good interview questions processes that can be found on Google.  There are some illegal questions that should never be asked.


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