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Monday, February 6, 2012

Seniors who Drive

When your clients are asked to take their driving test at the Department of Motor vehicles, this can cause a lot of anxiety.   The concern is they will be told to stop driving.  This could mean a real life change.

My clients have benefited from investing in driver training. Driver training is not just for the new driver.  You can have a driving instructor come to your home and go through the rules of the road while allowing your client to practice.  They work generally on an hourly rate about $60-75 per hour.  This can help your client to prepare for the DMV driving test.  It's best to interview a few companies to make sure they have experience working with senior drivers.

Obviously the Senior Concierge can help with driving our clients to appointments, the grocery store, etc. but if they can still manage those tasks alone, that's fantastic.

This looks like an excellent documentary film on Senior Drivers.

Stay safe!

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